The Price is Nice: 54k-Mile 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SL Roadster

  • March 01, 2021
The Rundown
  • 54k Seller-Stated Miles
  • Correct Painted Wheels
  • Classic White over Blue Color Combination
  • One Owner
  • Hugely Popular Model
Why We Like It

The R107 Mercedes-Benz has been popular since it debuted in 1972. It’s been the aspirational automobile for many, and the car in which to be seen by the well-monied set. When they were new, it was the car that announced the owner had arrived. Today, little has changed – the R107 still commands respect and attention because they’re solidly built, stylish, and enjoyable cars to drive and own. Through the market, the later 560SLs seem to be bringing the most money – the last of the generation, they’re also arguably the best with the most advanced technology. This one appears to be a good one to grab and enjoy.

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the-price-is-nice-54k-mile-1986-mercedes-benz-560sl-roadster00O0O jLhYdxMxV11z 0CI0t2 1200x900Finished in white with a matching removable hardtop, the painted wheels are those preferred by SL enthusiasts over the chrome editions. The paint and panels all look to be in great shape, the ride stance looks correct, the trim and brightwork all seem to be in fabulous shape. The post says the car has been in the garage 95% of its life, and by the looks of it, we’d have little area to argue. The interior presents just as nicely as the exterior – the blue upholstery and wood surfaces look fine, although there is an aftermarket radio in place, the factory one looks like its sitting on the floor and is ready to be reinstalled. All things told, it looks like a great, low-mileage driver that’s ready to be snapped up and just enjoy – forget concours, but cars and coffee would be perfect, a cruise up a favorite highway or boulevard, checking into a quiet weekend spot, that’s what this thing seems to be screaming to do.

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Valuation Verdict

By and large, the 560SL gained popularity and value much more aggressively than the older 380SL and 450SL, and even though values have seemed to plateau recently, collectors are still paying premiums for top-notch examples. In fact, the last two to sell on Bring a Trailer (both of which ended on Thursday of last week), were a 21k mile example that sold for a whopping $110k, and a 44k mile one that brought a very strong $43k. While this one’s not perfect, it’s close to it and presents very nicely. That said, based on what we see here, this one seems to be well bought

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