Triple Black Cat: 36k-Mile 1993 Jaguar XJR-S Limited Edition Convertible

  • March 17, 2021
The Rundown
  • 1 of 100 Examples Imported to the US for 1993 Only
  • Special High-Performance Version of the XJ-S
  • Developed & Hand-Built By Le Mans & BTCC-Winning TWR
  • Just 36k Miles of Use!
  • Awesome “Triple Black” Livery
  • 318hp, 6.0L V12 Engine w/ Turbo-Hydramatic Automatic
Why We Like It

Produced by JaguarSport, the 50/50 joint venture between Jaguar and Tom Walkinshaw’s TWR Group Limited, the hot Jaguar XJ-S based XJR-S was available in Europe and the U.K. from 1988 to 1993 and only sold in the United States for ‘93. Just 50 coupes and 50 convertibles were offered for the hungry U.S. market, and production of these highly uprated automobiles was completed by hand in TWR’s Bloxham, U.K. facility, where the storied XJ220 supercar was built. The world’s fastest production automobile when new, the XJR-S features an upsized 6.0L, 318hp V12 engine endowed with a forged “stroker” crankshaft, 11.0:1 compression, and specific Zytec engine management and intake system. The GM-sourced Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission was recalibrated to match by TWR, and the suspension was comprehensively reworked.

triple-black-cat-36k-mile-1993-jaguar-xjr-s-limited-edition-convertible78091034-770-0@2XThis “1 of 50” 1993 JaguarSport XJR-S Convertible comes to market with only 36k miles of use, and as expected, it remains in impressively nice and well-preserved form. A “Turbo 400” GM automatic transmission delivers the V12 power, and this handsome “Triple Black” example is understood to be in excellent condition. We love the aggressive body kit on the model that improves aerodynamics and maximizes the widely enhanced performance envelope of the XJR-S. The interior is suitably enhanced with Connolly Autolux leather upholstery featuring contrasting stitching and walnut sapwood accents for an all-around luxurious and sporty experience.


Valuation Verdict

These specially tweaked versions of the XJ-S are exceptionally rare, especially here in North America, where they were only imported for 1993. Delivering everything good in the V12 XJ-S and more, they’re coveted by hardcore Jaguar fans and collectors. Out of the 100 cars imported to the United States, three have been offered online by Bring a Trailer, including a 14k-mile coupe that sold for $54,500 in early 2020 and high-mile convertible was only bid to $12k, and in our opinion, this is one of those rare cases where the coupe is more desirable than the convertible. In any event, our subject is being offered with a bit of a higher asking price than we’d like to see, but they’re so rare that it’s nearly impossible to approach negotiations with any direct comps, so it really comes down to how bad you want it and how bad the seller wants/needs to sell. So, give him a call, make an offer, and see what happens!

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