Turbocharged Race Pacer: 19k-Mile 1989 Pontiac Firebird Turbo Trans Am 20th Anniversary Pace Car Edition

  • March 22, 2021
The Rundown
  • 1 of Just 1,555 Examples Produced
  • Exceptionally Well-Equipped Trans Am Variant
  • Just 19k Seller-Stated Miles of Use
  • Fabulous Condition w/ Excellent Preservation
  • GNX Buick 3.8L 245hp Turbocharged V6 Engine
  • 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Why We Like It

Finished in white and accented by discreet “Turbo” badges, the 20th Anniversary Trans Am of 1989 differed little externally from Pontiac’s top-level GTA model. However, its many internal differences included the mighty turbocharged, intercooled and fuel-injected 3.8L V6 engine first developed for Buick’s rare and legendary 1987 Regal GNX, backed by a four-speed automatic transmission. So equipped, the new 20th Anniversary Edition Trans Am redefined the term ‘high-performance’ with low 13-second quarter-mile times and top speeds exceeding 150 mph, serving as the first unmodified car ever to pace the world-famous Indianapolis 500. With its sophisticated third-generation Firebird platform, WS6 performance suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes, the 20th Anniversary Edition Trans Am delivers outstanding handling and braking to match its straight-line capabilities. Priced $9k over the cost of the 5.7L GTA and with just 1,555 examples produced including five test cars, the 20th Anniversary Edition Trans Am remains one of the rarest and best-performing American cars ever produced.

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This beautifully presented example is a top-notch offering with under 19k seller-stated miles and proper care and maintenance fully abundant. It features most, if not all, factory-optional features and amenities and marks a fabulous opportunity for Trans Am enthusiasts to acquire a true collector-grade 20th Anniversary car with the innovations and excellent performance potential of a turbocharged, intercooled Buick Regal GNX V6.

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Valuation Verdict

This 20th Anniversary car is collector-grade throughout and as the seller relates, it’s offered in 2+ or 1- condition, which Hagerty pegs from $38,500 to $48,900. Therefore, our low-mile subject car delivers excellent value at the seller’s ask, making this very rare and special commemorative Trans Am ‘Fair Market’ in our opinion.

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