Twinning: 41k-Mile 1960 MG MGA Twin Cam Roadster

  • March 17, 2021
The Rundown
  • 1 of 2,111 Twin Cams Built from 1958-1960
  • Fun Example of MG & Motorsports History
  • White on Red w/ Amber Driving Lights
  • Knock-Off Wheels
  • Appears to be in Exceptional Condition
Why We Like It

Morris Garage was taken to a whole new level with the MGA, which offered sleek styling, modern interior, and a sporting elegance that made it an instant classic. Introduced in 1955, it was available as both a coupe or convertible, and proved desirable to both enthusiasts and people simply looking for a beautiful car that was fun to drive. With racing as a core interest at MG, making the MGA quicker and faster was always a priority, and the biggest step came by way of the twin cam head which boosts power and enables the car to compete more readily with the likes of Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and even Porsche, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz – maybe a stretch for the last three, but it could do it when pressed. Relatively expensive to develop and produce, the MGA Twin Cam was subsequently pricey from the showroom, too, which hampered sales. To boot, MG barely promoted the modified engine, so not many people outside of racing circles knew about the option. As such only 2,111 were built, and through the years, they became more and more interesting to collectors and enthusiasts, while today they’re a sort of pinnacle for MGs.


twinning-41k-mile-1960-mg-mga-twin-cam-roadster71736286-770-0@2XThis one looks to be in fabulous condition and the paint and body appear stunning in that fantastic white over red livery. The color is classic MG, while the knock-off wheels and amber driving lights hint at the racing roots under the hood. Inside, the red upholstery contrasts nicely and looks absolutely terrific. The gauges inspire, the little gear knob begging to row through the transmission – the post says the car is pretty much without fault, running strong, shifting smoothly, and looking in absolutely perfect condition. Said to have been owned by a fastidious collector who insists on driving his cars frequently to keep them in running order, the MGA just might be one for the books.


Valuation Verdict

It’s easy to see that kind of price and be a little stunned – it is, after all, “just” an MG. Right? Okay, a desirable MGA, but still… just an MG. Until we see it’s a Twin Cam. Rare from the get-go, not many of these cars survive today as original contenders. Admittedly, the MGA market is flattening out, even for the desirable Twin Cams, and auctions from just a few years ago consistently hosted beautiful examples that were commanding roughly the same price. Still, we’ve seen a couple bring $50k-$60k+ at auction in recent months. Will they go up again at some point? Likely, yes, but for now it seems it’s a good time to snap one up before the ascent begins. Say what you will about modern classics, but they won’t likely generate the conversations a vintage MGA will. And then there’s that sound – that visceral, raw growl that only a vintage sports car can produce. We really like this one and think it’ll feel like a very fair transaction for both the buyer and seller at about 15% below the advertised price.

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