Ultimate Limo: 34k-Mile 1990 Cadillac Brougham Widebody Limousine By Corporate Coachworks

  • March 23, 2021
The Rundown
  • Beautifully Executed “Wide Body” Limousine
  • Just 34k Seller-Stated Miles of Use
  • Single-Family Ownership from New
  • Never Used Commercially
  • Beautifully Preserved Inside & Out
  • GM Chassis, 350ci HD Truck Engine
  • HD Brakes & Alternator
Why We Like It

Established in Springfield, Missouri during 1984, Corporate Coachworks was immediately successful with the addition of Doug Donalson, who developed the wide-body limousine that would become the company’s signature product. While coachbuilt, “stretch” limousines were nothing new in the mid-‘80s, the Corporate Coachworks widebody took the concept to a whole new level. Thanks to interviews conducted by Coachbuilt.com, Donalson’s widebody limos were particularly sought after by Atlantic City operators, one of whom reported that the high rollers and casino operators would regularly argue about who got to use the widebodies! These interesting and very comfortable limousines defined opulence in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and many of them are still in good shape and sought after today. A successor company, Executive Coachworks, is still in operation under the careful watch of Mr. Donalson.

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ultimate-limo-34k-mile-1990-cadillac-brougham-widebody-limousine-by00t0t 2X3VHK7lQOPz 0t20t2 1200x900According to the seller, this 1990 Cadillac-based widebody limo by Corporate Coachworks remains in excellent condition with only 34k declared miles and one-owner, for whom it was custom built for personal use. In addition to its neatly integrated widebody treatment, this limo is based on a proper GM chassis and equipped with large brakes, a 135-amp alternator, and 350ci, heavy-duty truck motor. It was titled to the seller’s leasing company first, then the leasing company changed names and it was titled a second time. Later it was titled to his wife. So, it can truthfully be called a single-family vehicle. It looks fabulous and clearly benefits from having been always given climate-controlled garage storage when not in use, and it’s never been used commercially.

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With its widebody configuration, seating is provided for up to six in the rear compartment, with excellent and undamaged leather upholstery, a perfect headliner, and everything reportedly working. Amenities include glass and privacy dividers, two radios, a TV/tape player combo and rear CD player, plus six cocktail glasses and twin ice chests.
The formal exterior is almost flawless, with no rust or dents, and the vinyl top is also described as perfect, with an operating moonroof. The tires have less than 3k miles of wear.

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Valuation Verdict

All in all, this is a fabulous personal limousine in great condition and coming from single family personal use and care with limited mileage. While such a vehicle is decidedly a niche item, the Corporate Coachworks widebody limousine enjoys a cult-like following among car enthusiasts, collectors, and the livery services that continue to operate these very fine cars today. No comparable cars have been found by this Zero260 contributor, yet, and clearly, a deeper dive should be made into market dynamics for these interesting limousines. However, this high-quality example seems to offer a great deal of value at the seller’s relatively modest asking price, and we think they’ve priced it to sell within a reasonable timeframe, making it ‘Fair Market’.

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