Venomous V10 Vixen: 3k-Mile 2001 Dodge Viper GTS

  • November 20, 2020
Why We Like It

Back in the late 1990’s, this writer was in grade school and as far as posters on the wall went, snakes and devils were the kings. Kids and adults alike drooled over the outrageous styling of the Lamborghini Diablo, but probably even more fell asleep every night dreaming about the considerably more obtainable Dodge Viper. The marketing departments knocked it out of the park, and both models still sit high on the list of unforgettable modern classics. Personally though, the Viper GTS reigns supreme. One of the best days a year in grade school was bookstore day, everyone was always so excited but I’m sure a lot of you Zero260 users can relate to the fact that the best part was getting my hands on a shiny new Viper poster.

venomous-v10-vixen-3k-mile-2001-dodge-viper-gts43683090522.567303533.IM1.05.1600x1200 A.1000x667As a kid, the concept of how much something like a Viper truly cost – let alone a the top-of-the-line GTS – was a little hard to fathom, but unlike the Diablo, these Vipers are now getting into the price range that a few thousand years of allowance or 20,000 lawns mowed could afford the opportunity. My class was given a project forcing us to consider how we’d each spend $1M (ostensibly to help us understand budgeting and finances), and while my teacher didn’t necessarily approve, the first thing on my list was a Dodge Viper GTS finished in bumble bee or “Race” yellow. If posters are what dreams are conjured from, from an investment standpoint I probably should have gone with the Diablo (they landed stateside at more than three times the cost of a Viper, and they’ve lately seen an pretty dramatic uptick), but I have to say I’d make the same decision today and double down on the Viper.

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Although yellow with black racing stripes may draw a bit more attention from the Highway Patrol than you’d like, it is an undeniably striking livery, and with this example showing only just over 3k miles on the clock, you’d basically be getting the brand new car that so many people dreamt of. These second generation Vipers have remained highly desirable and similar examples have traded hand at slightly lower prices, but it’s not too often that perfect condition GTSs pop up with ultra-low mileage. So, all things considered, and if you’ve been reading this you’ll realize I’m biased, but it’s our take that this example is worth the premium, or at the very least a call to the seller to glean a little more history and information. Life’s short, so if you’re in the market and have the resources, we’d definitely say this one makes us want to put that car that was once on our walls in our garage instead.

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